Welcome to Queen City Game Club!

Beer and Boardgames at the Waldhorn

Beer & Boardgames at the Waldhorn

Queen City Game Club is the premier club for strategy gaming in Charlotte. We are a community of new and experienced gaming enthusiasts organized to promote euro and strategy games in Charlotte, by providing professional and engaging experiences that encourage exposure to and growth in euro and strategy gaming as a mainstream recreation.

We host several monthly meetup events in the Charlotte area, including our popular Beers and Boardgames event for adults at the Waldhorn Restaurant in South Charlotte, which draws over 30 gamers each night.

Whether you are looking to meet new friends, learn some new games, or find a new gaming community, we are looking forward to gaming with you!

Joining the Club

Beer & Boardgames at the Waldhorn

We maintain our club through the popular local networking site Meetup. com

  • Membership is free.
  • Monthly events are free.
  • We play in public locations – you don’t have to go to a stranger’s house.
  • We foster a professional and adult community of gamers.

What Do We Play?

Beer & Boardgames near Montford

We play a wide variety of games, including:

  • Euro games like Settlers of Catan, Agricola and Puerto Rico.
  • Strategy games like Dominion, Pandemic and Small World.
  • Casual and social games like The Resistance, Codenames, and Werewolf.

You can use Meetup to plan a game ahead of time, or just show up and join in! Some nights fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot on Meetup so we know you’re coming.

Other Events

In addition to our monthly gaming events, we strive to provide ways for our members to share their love of gaming with others in the community:

  • Playing games with children in partnership with Freedom School Charlotte
  • Game playtesting and design opportunities with local game designers
  • Raise money for Levine Children’s Hospital by playing games with Extra Life!